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Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual or Energetic Healing?

Key points:

A spiritual healer has the ability to go to a spiritual level (= "spiritual level" / "the spiritual world") and, without the limitations of matter, ask questions and get answers.

This is an intuitive process that requires practice and experience, but to which every human being is in principle capable, as we are human spirits, but who have lost the memory of their infinite nature and now perceive themselves as individuals and separated from their fellow human beings.

The shaman overcomes this separation and recognizes in the mind of his client the causes of the current problems, blockages, diseases, fears ....

With the permission of the client, he can dissolve these blockages and thereby effect healing. Sometimes a treatment is sufficient. 

Usually clients come two to three times at shorter intervals. It is also important that the client takes the time to track down and get involved in the possible changes after a treatment. 


Detailed explanation:

The spiritual or energetic healing is an act of charity and is based on the principle of universal life energy. Depending on the culture, this energy is called chi, od, prana, universal force, cosmic fluid or life energy. Without them, no life is possible.

It is responsible for self-healing and maintaining good health. Experienced healers can concentrate and distribute them through the energy centers, also called chakras, and the energy channels, also called meridians, throughout the organism.

Through certain techniques, the spiritual healer enters a state that allows him access to realms that are closed to many people. There he finds the answers to bring the energy field of the client back into balance. The shaman is the mediator between the worlds:

  • a "heavenly world"
  • an "underworld"
  • a "middle world"

I do not have any healing powers in a healing session, I am just a channel for this healing energy / life energy, which I pass on to the energy centers. This process is accompanied by prayers and laying on of hands.

However, I can only achieve that with the client, which allows his soul. That is, whatever I do, I connect with the soul of the client and act according to his wishes and permissions. Even the connection only works if the soul allows it.

What to do if anxiety rises during treatment?

If anxiety occurs during treatment, it should be said immediately. The healer will have a calming effect. Basically, energetic treatments rarely cause anxiety reactions or similar negative experiences.

What reactions can occur after treatment?
As with acupuncture and homeopathy, energetic treatments can lead to so-called "overshooting" reactions, which are considered unpleasant and undesirable.

The following reactions are known:

  • A temporary symptom exacerbation, i.e. post-treatment relief, rarely lasting more than three days.
  • Afterwards there is usually a clear improvement.
    Deep relaxation accompanied by feelings of tiredness, which may affect the ability to drive for several hours.
  • Transient rising heat, more rarely sensations of cold.

Further complications and negative consequences of energetic healing are unknown. Persistent negative effects beyond a temporary symptom exacerbation were not observed. It may also be that treatments can remain subjectively without any noticeable effect. However, if you question this after a while, you often get the answer: "Oh, those complaints ...? I had forgotten completely ... ".

Many people treated with energy reported after the treatment that they had seen bright light during the treatment. Others want to see angels or saints, depending on the religious background.

These are desirable experiences that can trigger fears for some people. In addition, during the transmission of energy by very sensitive people, sometimes a kind of field can be perceived, which in its essence is usually represented as magnetic. Especially when energy is transmitted at the head. Again, this is a positive effect, but it can lead to defensive reactions in anxious people.

For legal reasons, it must be pointed out that the effectiveness of energetic healing has not been proven by recognized test methods (although the very finest physical measurements show that an increased electrical voltage is measurable on healing hands). Energy treatment is therefore viewed from a legal perspective as a religious practice, as an attempt to touch the soul of the sick, in order to enable physical healing in this way. For the legislator in the best case an act of self-healing or spontaneous healing.

Sick people lack vitality. Mental or energetic healing brings the life energy back into flux. A holistic method for the healing of body, mind and soul.


I do offer:

  • Shamanic healing rituals
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Smoking - cleaning of people and rooms
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Chakra Harmonization
  • Blockade Resolution
  • Shamanic wedding ceremony

In my energetic healing rituals I use among others the following items or methods: (For the effect, please read "questions and answers")

  • chicken eggs
  • cotton
  • Agua Florida
  • herbs (externally)
  • smoke essences
  • laying
  • healing energy
  • drums and rattles,
  • singing, blowing
  • smoke (Indian herb cigar)


Initial consultation, in person or by telephone (20 min.): Free

Rituals / Ceremonies: By appointment

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