Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

First and foremost, spiritual healers help to strengthen the self-healing powers of patients / clients.

Spiritual healing can help with mental disorders and psychosomatic diseases and problems such as:

  • Lack of strength, burnout
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Fears, addictions, depression
  • (weakened) immune system, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine
  • Concentration problems, nervousness, sleeping problems
  • Overcoming grief and negative experiences
  • Problems in sexuality
  • Healing of femininity / women's healing work

Especially, but not only in the psychosomatic field, conventional medicine reaches its limits. Through shamanic healing work, a harmonization of the energy body can be achieved.

This work works on the level of body, mind and soul and can lead to noticeable improvements in the most diverse impairments.

Soul parts can be lost through various traumas such as accidents, losses, separations or the like. This then often leads to a loss of quality of life, which manifests itself through fears, compulsive actions or recurring negative patterns.

Through shamanic healing work, these parts can be reintegrated into the energy body.

Foreign energies, occupations, curses and demonic bonds, e.g. through voodoo harm spells, are dissolved by means of ancient knowledge.

The exorcising of negative energies frees the body, mind and soul of the affected person and thus leads to the holistic harmonization and improvement of many negative "symptoms".

Also by accident or illness a body can be weakened in such a way that a strange stray soul docks at it and thus an occupation takes place.

Houses and apartments can also be equally occupied. The liberation takes place through various shamanic rituals.

Shamanic healing work / spirit healing can be practiced through different methods.

An overview of my methods can be found here:


Especially close to my heart is women's healing work (healing of femininity) as a central theme.

Women's injuries and unlived power often transcend generations. Women carry the feminine creative power within themselves and are connected to the sacred space of creation.

All women carry this creative power, but it is often forgotten or not realized.

Through special techniques, this creative power is awakened so that the woman can regain her strength and vitality, healing, wholeness, truthfulness and greatness.

This can improve and solve any deficiencies in self-confidence, doubts, inhibitions, lack of energy, emotional instability, sexual problems.


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