Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

  • How do you recognize a shaman?

  • How does a shamanic session or healing ritual proceed?

  • How exactly does it work?

  • With what complaints can you come to me?

  • Where do the treatments / rituals / ceremonies take place?


How do you recognize a shaman?
I did not learn my skills at a school, but I inherited them from my ancestors. Over time, I became aware that I have a strong and direct connection to the universal God and the spiritual world. When I concentrate, I get visions and answers. My clients often report that they had a meaningful dream after the ritual, that stagnant relationships developed suddenly, moving situations were resolved, and physical discomforts went away or disappeared altogether. With so much positive feedback, I want to continue along this path and help more people find their own way, discover their power and abilities and put them into practice in their lives, and just become healthier and happier. In the treatments, I serve only as a channel to relay these energies.

How does a shamanic session or healing ritual proceed?
First I conduct a conversation with the client, ask him about his complaints / problems / concerns. Then I ask the client to lie down, cover him and start my shamanic work. There are various "tools" are used, for. For example, I stroke the body with a raw egg or a cotton ball soaked in essences. The negative energies are transferred to the egg or the cotton wool. Then I open the egg / the cotton ball and can read it on the basis of my experience different things and u. a. Draw conclusions as to the cause of the energetic disturbance, as the disease or disorder manifests itself in the form of symbols during transmission.

How exactly does it work?
According to the shamanic healing tradition one can not "annihilate" a disease, but only transfer it from one person to another object, eg. Eg egg, cotton wool, water, or even animals (with live animals I practice personally but not).
Everything is there, either in the form of energy or in the form of matter, and a shaman can change these states, from matter to energy and vice versa.

Furthermore, my rituals use drums, rattles, herbs (smoking) and music.
During the ritual, connect with the higher powers on the spiritual level and ask for healing. It often happens that the client "drifts away" during the ceremony, which is perfectly fine. At the end of the ritual, I call the client back to the here and now. The clients describe that the effect of the ritual is sometimes felt immediately, sometimes after hours or even a few days, that is individually different. However wondrous the result may be, I do nothing but set natural processes in motion in the client.

With what complaints can you come to me?
In principle with all. My strengths lie in mental health issues such as depressive moods, BurnOut, sexual vices and abuse as well as addictions, as I work mainly on the emotional level. In principle, however, you can also come to me with all physical ailments, because a healing on the mental-spiritual level always has a positive effect on physical ailments.

Please note that as a healer I am not a doctor and also a non-medical practitioner and therefore can not and will not make any promises of healing and no diagnoses. A visit to a shaman can activate the self-healing powers and support you in addition to conventional medical treatment.

Where do the treatments / rituals / ceremonies take place?

For the moment I don't have got a surgery, therefore I visit my clients.

I can travel to any place in Europe if you would pay my ticket.

If you want to know more about me and my healing work?
Then please contact me.