About me

About me

Hello, my name is Jorge, my spiritual name is Intipanchuri, which is Quechua (an Indian language) and translates as "Son of the Sun". I am a shaman with a tradition that goes back a long time: my great-grandmother was a shaman and my father was a shaman, we are descendants of the Inca nature people. 

For many years I traveled the entire American continent and also lived with various Indian tribes. There, in exchange, I learned about the use of different medicinal plants in addition to different rituals.

The many different Indian tribes have one thing in common:

They are all knowledgeable in shamanism and healing rituals.
I did not go to any school or institute or academy, but in my family and among our ancestors there was a tradition of healing ceremonies and rituals that was passed down from generation to generation.

We also don't have a name for the different methods or techniques, we just learn through lore over time what ritual or ceremony to use for what purpose.

For years I only used my rituals with family and friends and was encouraged there to use my abilities to help others as well.

For some years I have therefore been working as a curandero (shaman) and help and support people with my rituals and ceremonies in their spiritual development and advise and accompany them a bit on their spiritual path.

For over 40 years I have experience with body language. I read human bodies like a geographer reads maps, a lawyer law texts and a pianist notes.

In me you will find an experienced shaman and healer, furthermore I offer spiritual coaching, counseling and treatment in crisis situations (life crises, emotional crises, burnout syndrome), as well as addictions and dependencies, vices and obsessions, and disturbances in the energy flow of masculinity / femininity.

I treat all people, regardless of religion, origin, race, world view, etc.

I will be happy to answer any further questions or to arrange a consultation without obligation.


According to the Cherokee prophecy, the time of the great gathering and the reintegration of people from the four directions is coming. Also, the Q'ero (direct descendants of the Inca) predict that 500 years after the conquest of the Indian tribes, the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South (the two Americas) will fly together again.

Love and compassion will be the guiding force in this great gathering of peoples. Now that the time has come, for the first time, the Native American peoples are giving their sacred messages and visions, which they have guarded for over 500 years, to people of the Western world.

In the spirit of the prophecies, I would like to support and accompany my brothers and sisters on the path to spiritual growth and consciousness.